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Flex Your Head poll & reviews

In my most recent poll, I asked what your fave track on the Flex Your Head compilation was. It’s an album to flex the inside of your head at the same time as the outside, so I personally felt that this was a really tough poll. To tell you the truth, when I created this ballot on instagram and facebook, I had no idea that Red C would win.


Red C (named for Georgetown’s Ethiopian restaurant Red Sea) had a really unique approach to punk music and this resulted in a sound quite different from what most of their label mates at Dischord Records were playing at the time. They played a half-dozen shows in 1981, and cut a demo that summer at Hit And Run Studio in Baltimore that yielded their songs on Flex Your Head.

Okey dokey, here is the poll results:

Red C – Pressure’s On (10 votes)
Void – Dehumanized (8 votes)
Artificial Peace – Outside Looking In (5 votes)
Iron Cross – Live For Now (4 votes)
Minor Threat – Stand Up (4 votes)
Untouchables – Nic Fit (4 votes)
Youth Brigade – Last Word (3 votes)
Iron Cross – New Breed (2 votes)
State Of Alert – I Hate The Kids (2 votes)
Void – My Rules (2 votes)
Youth Brigade – Moral Majority (2 votes)
Artificial Peace – Artificial Peace (1 vote)
Government Issue – Hey Ronnie (1 vote)
Government Issue – Lie, Cheat & Steal (1 vote)
Iron Cross – Wargames (1 vote)
Minor Threat – 12XU (1 vote)
Red C – Assassin (1 vote)
State Of Alert – Disease (1 vote)
Teen Idles – I Drink Milk (1 vote)
Untouchables – I Hate You (1 vote)
Void – Authority (1 vote)

In the beginning, in high school I was a complete classic thrash metal music snob. I was addicted to metal music but I didn’t know anything about hardcore. Then one day, my punk classmate gave me a tape and told me that “…this is one of the most legendary comps around, so get it and listen to it more than once. I know you will love it too.” As it turned out, this was the legendary Flex Your Head compilation, Dischord’s first 12 inch release featuring all the bands from the first few singles, in addition to all sorts of other local DC area bands. This record changed my life because it got me into hardcore. The name of my first serious fanzine is derived from this compilation, I still think that “I Drink Milk” by Teen Idles is one of the best songs ever written.

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