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Do You Know Hardcore? fanzine

Out now!
Do You Know Hardcore #2 (Rated X)
Do You Know Hardcore #2.5 (special fanzine swap issue)
Do You Know Hardcore #3 (Freddy Alva)

Do You Know Hardcore? is a one-sheet fanzine. The shipping prices have risen to incomprehensible heights, so I decided that I will only make mini-zines from now on and I give this zine out for free.

I have just finished printing, zines are going to ship out to different distributors. Free physical copies will be available via Quality Control Records (UK), Shining Life (USA), Gratitude fanzine (USA), Control Records (Belgium), Little Future distro (Germany), Gutter Groove (Denmark), Ugly And Proud (Bulgaria), World’s Appreciated Kitsch (Greece), thanks all of you for the support! (Colossal Maus logo by Dylan Chadwick @drugdogs)