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Icemen interview by Not For The Weak! fanzine

“It’s kinda like a band thing and it deals with the harshness and realities of the world. It’s not being cold-hearted or a cold person, it’s more like dealing with the harshness and realities of the world.” This interview was originally published in Not For The Weak! fanzine. Pics by Inward Monitor, Ken Salerno and Scott Forbes. (Please click images to view full size.)

Névtelen 14






Underdog interview by HCPP fanzine

This Underdog interview with Daniel Darella was originally published in HCPP fanzine. It’s an entire fanzine reflecting on the legacy of Carl the Mosher, told by the people who know him best. Most of us know him from The Icemen, Underdog and Dynamo, but at one time he was the singer of The Psychos and he played drums in a band called Manhattan 13. Carl was a former singer of Agnostic Front too. He actually took over for Roger Miret on vocals in Agnostic Front just before the band recorded the Cause For Alarm LP, but right before a CBGB gig AF was supposed to play with Carl, Vinnie asked Roger to come back and play the show.

underdog91 Krissy Bedell
Edoardo has a special place in his heart for Carl Demola, for those who missed it and want to read the full zine, hit him up via instagram (@edohcpp). Pics by Jersey Beat fanzine, Jennifer Buck Knies, and Krissy Bedell. (Please click images to view full size.)






underdog100 Jennifer Buck Knies