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Peter Amdam forever

“… The term “old school” is an after -the- fact term so to speak, obviously SSD did not call themselves old school hardcore, but after their split up it was possible to identify their style of hardcore as “old school”. This possibility of identifying is of importance here, it means that are you given the possibility to identify it. The possibility. The skill, the learning, you can have the possibility to perform your acquired skill or learning. Once again this leads us back to the more literal meaning of the the word school in old school, to learn one has to read, but also, to remember, and in order to memorize; one has to write. To sign the “dotted line”.

This writing may be bracketed, interrupted, and ridiculed, but it is nevertheless an imperative, and this allows for an understanding of old school straight edge hardcore that is not based on banal historicism that wants to deai with something dead and gone, and reduced to MRRs derogatory and simplifying criticism of straight edge hardcore. The strand of good solid hardcore may be broken and molested, but it will always live on. Even though when it comes back, it may only haunt you as a ghost.”

Peter Amdam (Words Carved Into My Head, 1996)


Shining Life channel – YOT, Underdog, GB

The Shining Life guys have started uploading some videos to their YouTube channel. Encouraged by this, I looked up some old In-Effect, Open Your Eyes, Not For The Weak reviews. Pictures by BJ Papas, Shining Life, Brian Boog.

YOUTH OF TODAY – Live @ City Gardens – Trenton, NJ – March 20, 1988


review by Open Your Eyes fanzine



UNDERDOG – Live @ CBGB – New York, NY – April 17, 1988


review by In Effect fanzine



GORILLA BISCUITS – Live @ The Anthrax – Norwalk, CT – June 9, 1990


review by Not For The Weak fanzine


Gorilla Biscuits at the Anthrax (1988)

Preemptive Fear Press blog

Preemptive Fear Press is an awesome new blog that you should check out!
Some interesting posts from the last couple of weeks:
– Slapshot interview with Mark Mckay (originally from Sudden Death fanzine)
– enjoyable article about straight edge and straight edge songs
– 2020: A Handful Demos You Need to Hear
– Deal With It interview


My name is Josh. I have been into hardcore for a long time and now, I’ve decided to create a zine.

It is something I have always wanted to do and over the past couple of years I have felt more motivated to do so. I am from the UK but I want to try and cover a broader amount of stuff with my content. I feel like zines are still an important part of the hardcore and music scene and believe they don’t get enough credit or attention. I want to change that in trying to keep the fanzine scene alive!

I enjoy finding out information about bands past, present and future so other people have to right? I want to run this website alongside to bring you extra goodies, so I am going to try to keep this on a regular update. I would like to thank all the people out there involved in keeping the fanzine culture alive, you are my inspiration along with everyone involved in hardcore in general, without hardcore I and this wouldn’t be here doing this.”