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Chiller Than Most!

Chiller Than Most fanzine, issue 6


The new issue of Chiller Than Most fanzine will be released on 24th May 2018! Features Freedom, Outburst, Unified Right, Big Cheese, Meline Gharibyan, Hypocrite, Motor City Madness, Spoiler – Agnostic Front.
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Shining Life fanzine – Illusion, Verbal Assault, Except, TMNT

New zines from Verbal Assault, Except, Illusion and TMNT!


SL-14: ILLUSION Interview with Alex Samayoa conducted in March 2018

SL-15: VERBAL ASSAULT A conversation with Christopher Jones about the inspiration and meaning behind all VA lyrics. 12 pages with an introduction from Ian Mackaye on his time recording the band in 1985

SL-16: EXCEPT An interview with Justin Little. 2 pages of Atlanta Straight edge

SL-17: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – Secret Sewer Maps. TMNT 18 page collection of all 8 secret sewer maps that were included in different vehicle and playsets in the 1990 playmates toys release.