Mendeku Diskak Records / Mess & Repeat Offender reviews

Got this bad ass promo tape from Eduard who is the man behind Mendeku Diskak Records. He is a super committed and supportive dude with the right attitude. These days the most popular release on MD is probably the Mess EP, but there are so many other great releases on this label. There are some crucial records coming out in the near future.
On this promo we can find a track from each of the upcoming Mendeku Diskak releases, which are being pressed at the moment and will be up for sale soon:
Contempt s/t 12″, Astillo One-sided 12″, Ogro demo cassette, Repeat Offender “Summary Execution” 7″, Scalpo “È La Lotta L’Avvenire” Flexi 7″.
There are 200 copies made, 50 of them went to the bands as royalties, 50 more were sent out as promos and the remaining are up for sale at the webshop:

I know these records are not exactly new releases, but maybe you haven’t heard them yet.

Mess – Intercity 12″ EP

For those who are unfamiliar with the band, Mess are a three piece band from Guadalajara, Mexico.
The best thing about Mess is that they sound like a real Oi! band. They have created a catchy tune with blitz-esque riffs, and wrote memorable choruses which make you want to sing along. As I mentioned, while most of their songs feature catchy vocal parts, they never sound like a weak pop punk band. Mess makes early 80’s influenced Oi! music very much in the vein of Blitz, and the best moments from the early part of the Exploited’s discography.
On the cover, under the name of the band, there is an inscription “AKA The Terribles” which is a little tribute to the Terrible Twins. Terrible Twins was a studio band with former Sham roadie and Kidz Next Door vocalist Grant Fleming and Cockney Rejects guitarist Micky Geggus.
Totally great debut release that I have been spinning nonstop for almost a month now, and I can’t wait to see what these Mexican mates have in store next.

Repeat Offender – Demo 7″

I slept on the Repeat Offender tape, their demo cassette was released in March 2020 and sold out shortly after. Fortunately, Eduard brought us the vinyl version of this gem. OK, this release basically covers everything that I love in a hardcore band. This record is a ripper from start to finish, really awesome fast parts, raw production,
dirty guitars and perfect vocal patterns make this 7 inch an absolute powerhouse.
While I have read their sound describes as a skinhead Oi! band worship I’d have to disagree and say that to me it sounds a lot more like Negative Approach mixed with some early Boston bands like Negative FX or Jerry’s Kids. But we will not quarrel about it.
I’ve been jamming these songs a lot, I highly recommend checking this out. Their new release called “Summary Execution” will be out soon on Mendeku Diskak, so keep your eyes and ears are open!

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