Side By Side interview by Perpetrator fanzine

“Well everyone thinks I got it from Doggy Style ’cause it’s a Doggy Style record and Doggy Stlye song but I don’t like Doggy Style! I have nothing to do with them. I didn’t even know Doggy Style had a song called Side by Side when I thought of the name. Actually my dad was doing a show and part of its title was Side by Side and it kind of stuck in my head.”

Side By Side interview was originally published in Perpetrator fanzine, photos by BJ Papas, Bobby Bago, Bri Hurley. You are only young once, so don’t fuck it up!  (Please click images to view full size.)

sidebyside41 cbgb Bri Hurley




sidebyside60 pic by BobbyBago

Side By Side with Gavin Van Vlack (N.Y. Hoods, Absolution, Burn).
Gavin played guitar for the first four shows and then he quit and that’s where Alex came in.

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