Dying Tradition fanzine / Connecticut Hardcore


Dying Tradition is a really awesome newsletter about the history of Connecticut Hardcore. If you are looking for info about CTHC, Dying Tradition is the way to go. These free one pagers have lots of content cramped in them. Great concept, well written articles, and CTHC reviews.
The newest coming of Dying Tradition is out now, this issue is dedicated to the infamous Smorgasbord Records.
DT is always free, but if you have a couple bucks to throw towards shipping, it’s really appreciated. You can get more info here:

Email: retrogrady84(at)gmail(dot)com

Check out the Dying Tradition YouTube channel too, Grady is always uploading unique content!
CTHC YouTube channel

In my blog post today I have collected some CTHC pictures and reviews, I hope you will find them interesting!

rightbrigade demo perseverance zine

Right Brigade review by Perseverance fanzine

rightbrigade cut the tension

Cut The Tension fanzine

notachance start today fanzine

Start Today fanzine

notachance cut the tension

Not A Chance review by Cut The Tension fanzine


followthrough negative burn

Review by Negative Burn fanzine

tenfold straight force

tenfold 2

Review by Straight Force fanzine

fastbreak04 perseverance zine

Perseverance fanzine

cornerstone03 cut the tension

Cut The Tension fanzine

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