Shoegazer sneaker fanzine

The 4th issue of Shoegazer sneaker fanzine is out now. Back issues are still available at special reduced prices.
Info –

Issue 4 – six 8.5″×11 pages folded B&W + one full page color / $3.00 usd
– interview with Jay Faustino
– “Bible Study”
– As Seen On Screen (shoes, product placements, meanings)
– reports + reflections + more

Intro (Shoegazer issue 2)


Youth crew aesthetic (Shoegazer issue 2)


One thought on “Shoegazer sneaker fanzine”

  1. Do you have an email to get in touch with him? I’d like to get a few for my distro and don’t have instagram.

    Also I have some issues of the new Streets Of Hate/Dead At Birth fanzine coming soon if you’re interested.


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