stigmatism02 Ben Pepin

Stigmatism, pic by Ben Pepin

“HERE IT IS: the best hardcore band I’ve ever been in! The idea for this band has existed in various forms over the last fifteen years as I’ve attempted to find musicians who could compliment my love for the greatest guitar player in the world. I could never get it quite right until one day something clicked when Marc Grillo and I swapped stories about our terrifying experiences in the nineties hardcore scene. After years of friendship and making half-assed late night promises that one day we’d do a band together, it suddenly hit me that this real deal New York Italian was the only person who could turn this dream hardcore band into reality. The Sicilian blood pumping through his Jewish heart was the fuel I needed to write the riffs. After many more late nights talking about our fantasy band we finally made it into a practice room when he came up for Varning last September. Instinctively knowing exactly what I wanted to do, his drumming and input turned my ideas into the perfectly idiotic hardcore songs I’ve always wanted to make. We finished writing and recorded the demo all within the span of maybe five hours and were so excited about it that we talked about this new band to everyone we knew at Varning. By the end of the night we had a line-up together to play shows, and did just that in January. We got another big gig coming up at A COOL MOVE 2018 in May where we will have tapes and shirts! See you in the pit! A big thanks to Paul Hey, Steve Dee and Henz Patrick Ruckus for playing with us and making this a real band + a very special thanks to Max Gosselin for recording us and Benjamin Greenberg for the mix! Hardcore Lives!” Spoiler

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