Shining Life fanzine – Swiz, Ecostrike, Protester, Contention fanzine, Hardware fanzine

SLP-009: SWIZ Total Control Total Power

Complete interviews with Jason Farrell and Shawn for the Radio Silence book conducted in 2008. A lyrical analysis and breakdown for “Hell Yes I Cheated” by Jason Farrell and a writing about Fury from Chris Thompson conducted in 2014.

SLP-010 ECOSTRIKE Interview with Lennon Livesay

An interview with Lennon Livesay including 5 records that influence “Voice of Strength” as well as a lyrical analysis for each song. Conducted Feb 2018

SLP-011 PROTESTER 5 Records with Conner Donegan

Connor Donegan provides and explains 5 records that serve as the inspiration for himself and the upcoming 12″ LP on New Absolute Records. Conducted Feb 2018


120 pages containing all three issues released in fall 1996, spring 1997, and spring 1999. Contains interviews and articles with IGNITE, LIFETIME, CRUD IS A CULT, HALF OFF, HANDS TIED, REDEMPTION 87, YOUTH OF TODAY, and VORHEES. Also includes reviews, record pressing info, columns, opinions, tons of photographs, and much more.
Done by Matt Smith.

SLP-020 HARDWARE Fanzine Anthology

Coming soon!


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